Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maggie Introduces Herself

Hi, I'm Maggie, and I'm not a pain in the butt. Mom says I'm a Border Collie mix. Weylin just likes to exaggerate things. I like livings with these new people, and Weylin's alright too most of the time. I was really scared and hungry when mom found me in the parking lot, and I had something around my neck that cut me. Mom felt really bad for me, and she found some bread and donuts to feed me. It took me awhile to get close enough to eat anything, because I didn't know what this strange lady would do to me. I finally worked up the courage to run up and wolf down a few bites. After awhile mom lured me into her office. It was nice to be inside where it was warm and dry. I guess November's not a very good month to be living on the streets. Mom left for a few minutes, and she came back with a little red collar and leash. Even though my neck was sore, I let mom put the collar on me. Then we went for ride. I couldn't figure out why this nice lady was crying. Then we got to the animal shelter. The woman that worked there wasn't crying and she wasn't very nice. She scared me a lot, and I peed myself. She grabbed me and wrapped something around my mouth. Let's just say that wasn't a very good day for me or my soon-to-be new mom. I try not to remember too much about the shelter. I just know mom is very sorry she ever took me there. There was a big explosion one day, and suddenly someone was letting all of us dogs out of our cages. Most of us got out ok, but a lot of the cats weren't so lucky. There were a lot of lights and sirens, and finally a lot of us dogs went to a building next door. I was running around with some of the other dogs when all of a sudden that nice lady was scooping me up in her arms. Before I knew it, I was on my way home with mom and dad.

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